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Looking for any about Voldemort's original rise to power, either told from Death Eater POV or the Marauders POV or anything really. :]
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Hermione and several other girl (pos Daphne, Tracey, Susan, Hannah, Luna, and Patil twins, and others?) do a group binding ritual to Harry as some way to help him out. Not sure of exact details.

Only, afterwords, it turns out the ritual is actually a marriage ceremony, so some of the girls - who are betrothed to guys they like - back out so they can marry their men. The rest don't like their husbands-to-be. (Harry eventually wins over the Patil Twins dad by saying he would support his bid for lordship?)

Also, this part might be from that harem fic, or from a different harem fic. But, Harry builds a magical building in the Grangers back yard (I think, I'm sure), and it has a giant underground wizardspace room built by goblins that has mountains, rivers, forests, beaches, etc in it.

It is, also, quite likely to be on fanfiction.net

FOUND: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4606270/1/Effects_and_Side_Effects
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Hi, I'm looking for any Master of Death Harry fics where it is important and features heavily in the plot. Thanks- Lisbet
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Does anyone have any suggestions for a fan fiction where Harry Potter founds his own magical community or creates a successful business? I would really appreciate any suggestions. XD
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Breeding works and we all know it there are pigs with an
extra pair of ribs, cows with 40l milk production and the
three or five times grandfather of the current animal
generation is a success or failure by the productivity of said current
Or another way to word it the bad guys aren't wrong they just do it wrong.
I am looking for a story where those ideas !done right! come over be it
1. as the reaction of some muggelborn to pureblood politics/sense of
    entitlement from how medieval to you do it wrong
2. as the background to a consequent marriage-law-fic
3. as a AU where breeding/children and commitment are two entirely
    different things (example draeconin No Light Without Shadows chapter 6
    search: interbreeding)
4. as a necessity to strenghten the magic and keep the wizardingworld alive 
    (example Mistress Nika Curse of Fate chapter 14 search: occasional
5. as a concept that was in use in the past (example Esama's Bloody magic)
6. as something that affects only the exceptional or any other group (example
   pottersplace3 Drake Dark Lord's Blessing chapter 1 search: breeding program)
7. everything else you remember that could fit or brings a sense of it over

I accept every genre, rating and or cliche.
I am sorry if the examples are unwelcome but I truly believe that they help.
thank you for any help and or interest
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I'm looking for any stories that show what happens after the 7th book, along the lines of "The Golden Age" by Arsinoe de Blassenville. Fics that shows that not "Everything is well". I would prefer longer ones, but drabbles and one shots are good too.

Thanks in advance

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This is going to be pretty vague, i'm looking for recs for the following themes. Thanks! Keep em comin!

1) Harry is a girl. Either IS a girl or a girl disguised as a boy for some reason. NO potions or spells turning him into a girl please.Either Snarry, Severitus, mentor/guardian Snape fics please. (please tell me which it is if you can)

2)Nice Malfoys. Harry and Draco best friends or they are his family from birth or adoption. NO Drarry please!

3)Snape raises Harry from a young age.Father son relationship, no chan (chan is nice sometimes but not if you raised em in my opinion)

4) Girl!Harry (same as 1) but with Voldy as the hubby or daddy.

5)Harry joins Voldy. Either LV/HP or because he is voldy's son.

HAPPY ENDINGS ARE A MUST! There can be angst just ended on a happy note please!

Thank you!

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Hi all,
I was looking for a Snape/McGonagall fanfiction where somebody/everybody (especially the Order) find out about their relationship. Bonus points if it's revealed during an Order meeting. Does anyone know any fics like that? I'll love you forever if you do!
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Anyone can point me to good harry/fleur fics? Thanks ^^
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Hi all. I was wondering if people know of ANY fics featuring Andromeda/Severus as a pairing? Romance, gen/friendship fics where they are the man characters, anything about these two together.


- condwiramurs

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