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The Themed Harry Potter Fic Search Community

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I am trying to find a story where somehow Harry and a, while together, both become pregnant. If anyone knows of this, please let me know. Ty.
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I remember reading a story where Harry and Severus were together in his last year of Hogwarts. However, someone began murdering Harry Potter lookalikes. While trying to discover who it was, Harry was caught by that person and was stuffed into school trunk. He had issues because of that, childhood, war, etc. When Snape and him went to try to adopt a child, the healers there demanded that Harry go before the Wizamont to see if he needed to be locked up for mental health reasons. The two went on the run to escape the trail.
I know more happened, but I am not able to remember it.
Can anyone remember this story and where to find it? Thanks you.
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Harry Potter is arrested for the murder of the Dursley family and when Dumbledore finds out, he sends Snape to find out what happened. It turns out Pettigrew killed them. While at the station, Snape discovers Harry must obey orders for some reason...perhaps due to a creature inheritance?... and was abused in all manners by the Dursley family.
I also remember the Divination professor was undercover at Hogwarts as she was part of a group sworn to protect the descendants of Lancelot and Guinevere. Harry Potter is the last of their line and thus able to travel to Camelot.
I believe he has a bond mate and once bonded, the issue of having to obey orders from anyone but that person will be in effect. If I remember correctly, his bond mate is Severus Snape.
If you could please help me find this story again, I would be very grateful.
Thank you!
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looking for a story with harry hermione and severus in a relationship and have children but harry isn't the father cause he is impotent or something like it...curse maybe?
it doesn't seem to matter to anyone who the father is, they are all parents to the children.
severus and harry eventually get into a fight and severus "claims" HIS children...somehow...i think he calls harry a nanny...

hope this helps to find it is all i can remember.


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Hi, I'm looking for a Harry Potter ending up in Hogwarts with Riddle Fic. In the first part, he ends up in the past and uses his master of death powers to resurrect a dead woman to be his mother to obtain an identity to get into hogwarts. He also steals the invisibility cloak from his grandfather and teaches Riddle how to apparate. 
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I'm looking for Harry/Draco fic. In this fic Harry accepted Draco's hand, he was sorted in Slytherin. Harry and Draco became best friends, most of the time they slept in one bed. Dumbledore tried to convince Harry that his place was in Gryffindor. After first year Harry wanted to go to Malfoy Manor but Dumbledore didn't let him. Anyway Harry was Voldemort's son. Aventually Harry and Draco became lovers. There was a lot of Dumbledore bashing and Weasley bashing. Together father and son defeated Dumbledore.
Does anyone know where I can find this story? And what's it's name?
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I'm looking for Harry/Draco fic. Harry is Voldemort's son. On the night of Death Eater's meeting he comes to Voldemort to tell him that he is his son. (His name was supposed to be Raithodes) They stay at Malfoy Manor for summer vacations and build their father/son bond. Harry and Draco become friends with heavy sexual tention between them. (turns out Harry slept with half of Hogwarts) They became lovers when they went back to school. Their Harry was resorted in Slytherin. He and Draco started recruting Harry's own followers. Dumbledore and Weasley bashing.
Does anyone know where I can find this story? And what's its name?
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I'm looking for the very best fics where Harry is raised by someone from another fandom! Virtually ANY fandom is fine, no Twilight is my only stipulation in that area (I like Twilight just fine, but NOT with HP*G*).

Gen, slash or het, doesn't matter to me. But please, NO character bashing!!! I.E., Manipulative!Dumbledore is fine, since he really was, but I try to avoid fics where a character is thrown completely int evil!character land just because the author can't write them well, or dislikes them.

(I've found some good Marvel crossovers, but so far have only found one halfway decent DCU crossover so any help there specifically would be nice!)

Thank you!!! :D
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his is what I remember:

-marriage contract with ginny that harry knows nothing about
-harry and cedric are soulmates
-ginny and cho try to separate them
-remus and sirius are alive(possibly together)
-harry and cedric go back in time to train with the founders and I think merlin
-i think it's harry and cedric's son or grandson who go back and pretend to be
-hermione knows something about the marriage contract
-could swear that hermione and ron were together in start of story but have
other soulmates and that ron's is twilight's edward..

even the author's name would help!

Thanks, Michelle

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This one is driving me nuts!
I think it was a wip, and harry was tom riddle's lover and dark. He teaches Dada at Hogwarts, and draco & Hermione are 2 of his students who he is trying to encourage towards the dark. They go to his office to study. Can anyone help please?
Thank you!!!
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