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This is a themed fic search community for the Harry Potter fandom. This is not the place to look for a single fic that you've been looking for: there are plenty of other places where the results will be much much better. This is a place to ask for all of those fics that have a single common thread.

Each post will be added to the memories section - be sure to look there to begin your search. On the first (or close to it) of every month, a list of all the search with links to their posts will be posted. If you look through them and notice that you have several more links, add them!

The tag function is working - while we use an S2 layout. The tags will be edited to be consistant, but the memories section will continue to be the most reliable.

Please be kind to each other. Whether or not you like a fic is of little consequence - as long as it applies to the theme, it can be linked. Drama isn't needed, nor wanted, so keep it in your journals.

Fics of all ratings may be linked, but please note those rated R and NC17.

When posting a search, please don't make it extremely limited. You won't get as many results! The broader the better.

When posting a link, please note the title of the fic, the author, and the rating if applicable. And the link to the story, of course.

Searches for fics of a certain pairing are allowed, but please note that the results cannot be guaranteed.

DO NOT lock search posts. These are open to anyone who wants them.

Please do not advertise other communities here, unless they are fic SEARCH communities.

Most of all, have fun.

Questions? Comments? Comment here or email unperfectwolf at unperfectwolf@livejournal.com or shewasagirl@gmail.com
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